The Eel River Beach Club is run by members for its members and is a non-profit club. We pride ourselves on being a family club providing recreation and social activities for all ages. As such, the Club is more than tennis courts and two pools alongside Plymouth Beach. For many members, the Club is a summer home-away-from-home and a place for relaxing with friends while children enjoy closely supervised recreational activities. This is the atmosphere the Board of Governors work diligently to preserve.

Please remember that the Eel River Beach Club needs an active, involved membership to stay vibrant and healthy. Members are urged to support the Club by pitching in on Clean Up Day, at social functions, swim meets and tennis tournaments. Remember, this is a nonprofit club run for your enjoyment. So, pitch in and help out, be considerate of fellow members and enjoy the Club to its fullest.


Monday – Sunday 8am-8pm


The number for the club is (508) 746-8930.


110 Warren Avenue

Plymouth, MA 02360

Please send all correspondence via email or to: E.R.B.C., P.O. Box 1706, Plymouth, MA 02362