Swim lesson and swim team program participants must use the online program registration to sign up for programs.

Please note Swim Lessons and Swim Team are available to members only.


The Club offers American Red Cross swimming lessons, taught by certified swimming instructors. Please see the lesson schedule for swim lesson days and times.

    • Classes meet twice a week: Mondays & Wednesdays OR Tuesdays & Thursdays.
      Make-ups available as needed – please see instructor.
    • End of Season Testing: August 12-16.
    • Please read the exit skills before determining lesson group. Level 6 is broken into four subgroups: please choose one that interests your child.
    • If you are unsure about what to sign your child up for please contact the Swim Lesson Coordinator via email to swimlessons@erbc.com.


Any child (ages 6-17) is welcome to join the swim team. Please see the swim team page for more detailed information.


Swim Team Committee Chair: Jon Munro


(Parent & Tot)Water entry, getting comfortable in water, blowing bubbles, assisted floating
Level 1Polywogs
(Intro to Water Skills)
Exit/enter water safely, submerge mouth, nose & eyes, exhale underwater, front & back float with support, use arms & legs to swim with support
Level 2Guppies
(Fundamental Aquatic Skills)
Step or jump into water, submerge entire head, front/back float unsupported, front/back glide unsupported, swim on front & back (15 yds each)
Level 3Sunfish
(Stroke Development)
Jump into deep water from side, head-first entry from sitting or kneeling, submerge & retrieve object, front crawl (with breathing) & back crawl (15 yds each)
Level 4Dolphins
(Stroke Improvement)
Dive from side, swim underwater (3 body lengths), front & back crawl (25 yds each), breastroke, elementary backstroke, butterfly (15 yds each)
Level 5Flying Fish
(Stroke Refinement)
Shallow dive from side, swim underwater (15 yds), surface dives, flip turns, front & back crawl (50 yds each), butterfly, breastroke, elem. backstroke, sidestroke (25 yds each)
Level 6 Personal Water Safety
Fundamentals of Diving
Lifeguard Readiness
Fitness Swimmer
Common Skills: Front/back crawl (100 yds each), breastroke, elem. back, sidestroke, butterfly (50 yds each), open turns, flip turns