2024 Swim Team Dates: Monday, June 24 – Friday, August 9.

The Swim Team will encourage and allow every child ages 6-16 that can swim one length of the pool to participate in swim team events.

We will strive to teach and improve sportsmanship, team spirit, and self-improvement as well as correct and/or enhance stroke techniques.

Learning to swim competitively and have fun is key.

    • Any child (ages 6-16) is welcome to be a part of this team.
    • Team sign-up: register online.
    • Swim Team participants attend weekly practices and a weekly meet.
    • Cost: $25/child for the entire summer.
    • Parents must volunteer for at least two meets. Parents will only be required to work half of each of the two meets.
    • Team Captains will be chosen at the beginning of the season.
    • Swimsuits: purchase the Sporti Solid Compression Jammer or Solid One Piece Swimsuit in Royal Blue.

Mornings: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am-11:45am


Parental involvement is a mandatory requirement to be a part of this team. All swim meets need parent volunteers as: runner (1), place judge (1), score keeper (2), timers (4), ribbon givers (1), and a stroke & turn judge (1). Sign-ups will be posted on the swim bulletin board near the Managers’ Office. Please sign-up to help out at meets.


The coach will have the final say on which events each swimmer will participate in. The coach will try to make sure that each team member is able to swim in their best stroke and, whenever possible, in their on age group. Occasionally, a swimmer will need to swim in a higher age group. This will only occur when the team needs to fill an open lance in order to score additional points. When this occurs, the swimmer will be placed in an event that the coach deems to be his/her strongest.

Meet Schedule: 8:30am warm-up, 9am start, or 12pm warm-up, 12:30pm start unless otherwise noted. Please plan to arrive a half hour early to meets for warm up.

Please check the calendar for meet dates. Please let the Swim Coach know if you cannot make a meet no later than the night before the meet.


The South Shore Swim League Championship is held at the end of the season. Please check the calendar for dates. League rules for the Championships: If a team has 6 meets swimmers must swim in at least 3 meets to be eligible for championships. If a team has 5 meets then a swimmer must participate in at least 2 meets to become eligible for championships. If there is a rainout/cancellation for any reason that can’t be made up, and a team therefore only has 4 meets, then to be eligible for championships, a swimmer must participate in at least 2 meets.